Sunday, July 03, 2011

a bit of excitement...

There is a bit of excitement for the locals this afternoon. A swarm of black bees arrives on the lookout for somewhere to colonize. After a flurry of excitement the drama is relatively short-lived. Our local bee keeper, Terry the Bee, meanders into action and calmly coaxes them into a portable hive.   Black bees it seems are more aggressive.  Terry rounds them all up before taking them off to permanent digs elsewhere, "Can't be having 'em round ere" Terry's wife Ange muses. Meekly, I nod in agreement. Having been stung by Terry's supposedly less aggressive bees, I am not about to argue for the interlopers to stay.  As I watch Terry and his winged charges drive away, it occurs to me how hectic some Sundays can be.

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